Urban Farming: The Libertad Urban Farm Project

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The BLK Projek has witnessed all too often land that lays fallow in urban areas where under served people of color live and all too often people just reconcile with that. Well the Urban Farming Project is a multi-tiered project.

The first is to empower community members to TAKE BACK THE LAND. To actively engage & challenge community members to redefine public space.

The second component of the Urban Farming Project is to create easy access to fresh heathy produce and added value food. To use urban farms as specific sites to facilitate education around healthy eating and living, to further green collar jobs and training. We will do this by creating networks with other urban farms and community gardens, creating & nurturing entrepreneurial oppurtunities by creating green markets and identifying other money generating ventures.

The final component of the Urban Farming project is to facilitate opportunities to identify, nurture and create ledership development in female community residents. This will be done by encouraging women to take active leadership roles in running the farm(s), by creating programs that will validate the natural leadership roles of women in the community (i.e. parenting/mothering, head of household decision makers, etc) and by using the land as a manifestion of not only cutivating our land but our relationships with each other.

Currently our first intiative is to turn a vacant lot owned by the Parks Department on Fox Street in the Hunts Point Area of the Bronx into an urban farm. The lot is about an acre and has huge potential. We are currently oprganizing community residents, coordinating volunteers, seeking in kind donations and engaging the Parks Department and elected officials.

We will update the site to reflect new developments but if you would like to see the project unfold from a more intimate perspective become a “backer” of Executive Director Tanya Fields at Changents.

Watch a video of our first planting.

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