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The Hunts Point Farm Share

This Thursday is our first day of the Farm Share distribution with Corbin Hill Rd. Farm!

I have been working very dilligently with Hunts Point Alliance for Children to make this happen and it finally is. Who said Hunts Point/Longwood doesn’t want a CSA/Farm Share?

Find out how you can join.

Executive Director Tanya Fields & Urban Farming Makes the Daily News

Check out Executive Director Tanya Fields in the Bronx Boro News Section of the Daily News

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Join Us For Our May Community Food Meeting

I am absolutely sure we will see you there. Be sure to pass it on! Email us with questions or concerns. We look forward hearing from you. Email: tbp.food.justice (at) blkgrl (dot) com

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From the FARM to Your TABLE and a Lil’ Holiday Cheer

You know food justice is important to us and we know that healthy, AFFORDABLE eating is important to you. That’s why The BLK ProjeK is going to start the FIRST Longwood/Hunts Point CSA.

What the in the fresh-veggie-hell is a CSA, you ask?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. What that means is that you buy “shares” in a local small farm (most of whom are struggling and are on the other side of the coin in the food justice struggle) and once a month that farmer will bring your shares aka veggies to a distribution site in your community.

And many CSA’s now accept FOOD STAMP/SNAP Benefits

Dope right? . . . Word

So Join us as Paula from Just Food (the authority on CSA’s) leads this workshop. And even if you don’t live in the Bronx, this is info you can take back to your community to get a CSA started!


And as if this isn’t enough excitement FREE ACUPUNCTURE taking place at the same location, in the back room. That’s right, The BLK ProjeK goes hard!

As usual childcare will be provided.

Please see the flyer below for info. RSVP’s are highly recommended for this workshop.

It’s Official – THE FARM HAS A LOGO

Many and special thanks to Megan Sperry the Communications volunteer and dear friend who helped to come up with this.

Let us know what ya think!

And you can still help us raise money for our Sept 26th Action. Remember it’s Tax deductible!


Exciting Holistic Hood News!

Click here for more info…

We’re Having a Party & Need to Raise Some Dough

The BLK ProjeK continues its hustle to turn a piece of neglected parkland into a flourishing, cooperatively, community owned & run urban farm.

The BLK ProjeK is currently planning the Libertad Urban Farm Family Fun Block Party. The block party will be a day of urban farm awareness, a chance for community members to become acquainted with the possibilities of what an urban farm can mean to their community, how to get involved as well as having a bunch of fun while doing it. This block party will also serve to help raise funds to continue to get this initiative under way.

There will be performances, workshops, raffles, demonstrations and food. We need your help! Help us to raise funds to pull this off!

Our current date is September 26th, 2009 from 12-6 PM. The location: Fox Street between Leggett Avenue and 156th street in the Boogie Down Bronx.

All donations are tax deductible, since we are still in the process of applying for 501(c)3 status our current fiscal sponsor is Mothers on the Move.

If you would like to donate (and we really really really need you to) address all money orders to:

Mothers on the Move 725 Fox Street Apt. 1B Bronx, NY 10455 and place The BLK Projek in the memo line

or if you prefer to pay online you can do so here: Brown Paper Tickets- Donate!

This promises to be an event that is off the chain and for a good cause so help us make it happen!

View a slideshow of work we have been doing

Check out our YouTube Video

Welcome to The BLK Projek


Urban Farming: The Libertad Urban Farm


Holistic Hood: Yoga in the South Bronx

Welcome to the BLK ProjeK, a South Bronx Community Based Organization. We are currently going through the 501 (c) 3 status but in the meantime still doing the important work on the ground!

The BLK Projek currently has two community based programs: Holistic Hood & The Libertad Urban Farm.

Please click on the links to find out more.

Also please explore our pages to see video, find out more about Tanya Fields the Timberland Earthkeepers Changent, find out how you can get involved and more.

Fairly often we will update the site to keep you informed of new events, articles of interest and links to other resources. Please Check back often and join our mailing list!

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