Tanya FieldsExecutive Director

I am a young, budding activist and social entrepreneur located in the South Bronx. I became involved in social and environmental activism out of necessity. I grew up in Harlem in the 80’s and 90’s and was bussed to school in more affluent neighborhoods as my parents wanted to give me the opportunity that was not available in my own.  As I went on an d furthered my education I became more cognizant of the injustices happening around me both locally and nationally. I started to feel this constant agitation, this burning in the pit of my belly that I couldn’t extinguish I needed to help and didn’t know how. This was further catalyzed as I found myself living in one of the poorest communities in the country, raising a baby and putting myself through school. Somehow fate put me in touch with Mothers on the Move’s environmental justice committee where my passion quickly propelled me forward and I was identified as a potential EJ activist and organizer. Within a short year I had several press quotes, radio interviews and press conferences locally and nationally under my belt. After a year with Mothers on the Move, I became the Outreach Coordinator at Sustainable South Bronx where I continued to be identified and validated as an effective local resource and continued to grow as an advocate for South Bronx residents and for similar communities nationally.

But my real passion came to realization 3 years ago when I simultaneously incorporated BLK GRL a burgeoning media company that seeks to unite women of the Diaspora through media, entertainment and community projects. I recently unveiled my socially conscious t-shirt line BLK and maintain a blog called Brown Girl Swagger.

Then sometime ago I realized there was more of a need…that people in media needed to be responsible to change the way that women of the Diaspora are perpetuated not just through witty, slick words but through real, tangible and EFFECTIVE action. This gave birth to The BLK Projek a (soon to be) 501(c)3 that looks to enrich the lives of women of color through community programming.

Through my work I hope to facilitate ushering in a new democratic system that gives the power back to the communities, promotes sustainability, equality and easy access of resources for struggling hoods and to do it all in a creative, funky and artistic way!

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Adrianna Rivera- Intern



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  1. Congratulations Tanya and the BLK Projek family! Amazing work! Keep moving forward. Peace and Blessings, Ananda, a Go Green Boho BAP in DC!


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