Holistic Hood

Holistic Hood is a program that utilizes yoga, meditative breathing, chanting and other homeopathic practices or programming as coping mechanisms for women in under served neighborhoods. Many women of color in these types of communities have no control over the amount of stress that they encounter in their day to day lives such as single parent or single income homes, working while continuing their schooling, relationship issues and incarcerated family members. These are just a few of the issues women in the South Bronx and neighbors like it across the country deal with.

However, it is our belief that while we cannot necessarily change the circumstances we can better equip women to deal with them in a healthy, safe and life affirming way.

Currently the BLK ProjeK hosts a low impact, meditation fueled yoga class on Sundays and Tuesdays in the South Bronx. The classes is currently conducted by Yogis Camellia Carter and Laura Martinez.

The class is to be a platform for women to center themselves, become fit and build community. The class of free of charge and include child care and healthy food.Classes are located at our community partner site Mothers on the Move @ 928 Intervale Avenue between 163rd Street and Kelly Street and The POINT @ 940 Garrison Ave on the corner of Manida.

As the agency grows we hope to add healthy cooking demonstrations, guest speakers, acupuncture and other relevant programming such as dance and creative arts workshops. We also intend to make Holistic Hood a citywide project working with community groups in other parts of the city to implement Holistic Hood.

If you would like to volunteer/get involved, donate or just want more info about Holistic Hood please Contact Us


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