The Hunts Point Farm Share

Earlier this year I started working with the Hunts Point Alliance for Children to create Hunts Point/Longwood’s only current CSA.

What the Heck is a CSA or Farm Share you ask?

Well in a nut shell a CSA or Community Supported Agriculture AKA a Farm Share allows city residents to have direct access to high quality, fresh produce grown locally by regional farmers.

People buy “shares” in a local regional farm and every week for 22-26 weeks that farmer will bring your “shares” to a distribution site in your community.

OK … What Produce Will I Get?

We’ll be honest with you a Farm Share IS NOT like going to the grocery store, you cannot give the farmer a list of veggies and fruits that you want BUT that doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable. The typical farm share get approximately 7-10 veggies a week. Our farm share will not only get veggies but FRUITS as well and we will be including staples that are culturally relevant such as plantains & yucca!

The other super dope thing about being apart of a farm share is that you will have exposure to produce you wouldn’t normally find in your local grocery store.

How Much Does it Cost?

You may be saying to yourself, “OK this sounds great but it has to cost a fortune.” Not the case, a share in the Corbin Hill RD Farm/Hunts Point Farm share will only run you about 400 bucks. Sounds like a lot ,we know but you don’t have to pay it all at one time.

We encourage all those that can to pay for their shares upfront to do so but food equity is also part of our mission so we will also be accepting share payments on a weekly basis.

We accept: Cash, Checks, EBT (cash & food stamps) & SNAP

Please note that we ask those that have a higher income to pay a rate of 450 to subsidize full and partial financial aid for low income community members who may not be able to participate without additional help.

Who Runs it?

While the BLK ProjeK & Hunts Point Alliance for Children are certainly contact organizations for the Farm Share, its the share holders who run it. You will volunteer to manage, shape and direct how the farm share runs and we provide the guidance. It can sound a bit overwhelming but it’s not while we hope you will dedicate oodles of time to the farm share each member is only required to volunteer 4 hours a month. Other Farm Shares routinely have farm visits with their families, cookouts, cooking demos and other activities.

And we need volunteers for lots of stuff so don’t think you can’t contribute once you become a member.

Want to learn more about CSA/Farm Shares check out Just Food’s website.


Of course you are!

Then DOWNLOAD & fill out the application and send it back to us at


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