From the FARM to Your TABLE and a Lil’ Holiday Cheer

You know food justice is important to us and we know that healthy, AFFORDABLE eating is important to you. That’s why The BLK ProjeK is going to start the FIRST Longwood/Hunts Point CSA.

What the in the fresh-veggie-hell is a CSA, you ask?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. What that means is that you buy “shares” in a local small farm (most of whom are struggling and are on the other side of the coin in the food justice struggle) and once a month that farmer will bring your shares aka veggies to a distribution site in your community.

And many CSA’s now accept FOOD STAMP/SNAP Benefits

Dope right? . . . Word

So Join us as Paula from Just Food (the authority on CSA’s) leads this workshop. And even if you don’t live in the Bronx, this is info you can take back to your community to get a CSA started!


And as if this isn’t enough excitement FREE ACUPUNCTURE taking place at the same location, in the back room. That’s right, The BLK ProjeK goes hard!

As usual childcare will be provided.

Please see the flyer below for info. RSVP’s are highly recommended for this workshop.


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